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Indulge in the playful charm of ‘Peach Please’, a delightful dance of flavors in our tea collection. This exquisite blend combines the finest Darjeeling tea, known for its elegant complexity, with the sun-kissed sweetness peach. Each cup offers a harmonious balance of robust black tea, caressed by a juicy peach embrace. Perfect for a refreshing morning start or a sweet afternoon escape.

Ingredients: Darjeeling Black Whole Leaf Tea, Peaches, 100% Natural Peach Flavor

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Recommended serving: 2g in 8 oz of water

Brewing temperature and time: 99 Degrees C. ( 210.2 °F ), 3-4 minutes

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1 review for Peach Please

  1. Anne Gnuechtel-Verdoorn

    It gave me Peach Snapple vibes....

    I love this blend iced in the middle of the afternoon. It takes me back to my childhood and it’s an amazing afternoon pick me up. 3PM slump? Peach Please!