Mint to Be

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Indulge in the crisp, invigorating essence of ‘Mint to Be’.This pure peppermint infusion captivates with its cool, refreshing zing. Perfect for revitalizing your senses, aiding digestion, or simply enjoying a moment of minty bliss. Each sip is a celebration of freshness, embodying the idea that some matches, like our peppermint blend, are simply ‘Mint to Be’.

Ingredients: Peppermint

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Recommended serving: 1.5g in 8 oz of water.

Brewing temperature and time: 90 Degrees C. ( 194 °F ), 3 mins.

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1 review for Mint to Be

  1. Oraya

    Love - a big hit with our family!

    Absolutely love this blend of tea. It’s fresh and doesn’t need any honey or sweetener – it’s naturally delicious on its own. Everyone in my family – even the non-tea drinkers – agreed as well!