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Digest is a special Ayurvedic formula in our Wellness collection, crafted to harmonize your digestion. Chamomile and Lemon Peel meld for serene refreshment, while Fennel and Ginger offer soothing digestive support. Mint Leaves bring a cool burst, and Cardamom adds a hint of sweetness. Turmeric, Star Anise, and a dash of Black Pepper create a symphony of flavors, each ingredient chosen for its holistic benefits. ‘Digest’ is not just a tea; it’s a comforting ritual for your everyday wellness.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Lemon Peel, Fennel, Ginger, Mint, Cardamom, Turmeric, Star Anise , Black Pepper

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Recommended serving: 2g in 8 oz of water

Brewing temperature and time: 90 Degrees C. ( 194 °F ), 3-4 minutes

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4 reviews for Digest

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    Marie Stevens

    A huge blessing in my life!!!

    I feel truly grateful to have this remarkable tea in my life! I have struggled with tummy troubles for many years, and since Digest tea has become part of my daily routine, I have gratifyingly experienced less bloating and improved digestion after meals! From its vibrant and deliciously earthy smell and taste to its unparalleled and powerfully healthy ingredients, I highly recommend Digest tea to everyone!!!

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    Margaret McNamara

    The Most Flavorful Digestive Tea!

    This digestive tea is a breath of fresh air! Unlike other bland options, it bursts with zesty and floral notes that truly awaken the senses. And when you add just a touch of honey, the flavors truly come alive! The blend of leaves in this tea aids digestion significantly, effectively reducing bloating. Unlike most digestive teas, this one is jammed back with flavor.

  3. Avatar photo

    Theresa Robles

    Must have!

    I don’t have digestive problems but this tea definitely helps to alleviate the after meal bloat! I drink it after every heavy meal. Can’t go without it. Thank-you so much for creating such an amazing tea!

  4. Liz

    Drink this!!!

    While I typically don’t have a ton of digestive problems, my hubs does. We have been enjoying this tea daily. I get more of a gurgly tummy after eating certain things.
    Maybe gurgling is a digestive thing? Anyhow, this tea takes it away like magic! It’s a very flavorful tea. The spices in it smell and taste amazing! Highly recommend this tea. I doubt you can find anything like this in the store. Almost even reminds me of potpourri!!