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* Tiny Lotus Tea*

About Us

Each cup of tea we brew is not merely a product; it is a symbol of our commitment to health, our shared journey towards a more balanced life. It represents the small steps that, when taken consistently, can bring about significant transformation.


Celebrating traditional craftsmanship, our tea selection represents the finest artisanal practices from India's diverse tea landscapes.


Our tea embodies purity, selecting only the healthiest leaves from robust plants, ensuring a natural, unadulterated experience.


Upholding ethical standards, our partnership with tea producers honors the land and its rich traditions, reflecting a deep respect for nature.


Tiny Lotus Tea is rooted in personal health journeys, emphasizing wellness as a core value in every cup.


Hey there! As people who are constantly juggling work, relationships, and an endless list of responsibilities, we get it—staying “healthy” can feel like a full-time job, But what if we told you there’s one small change you can make in your daily routine that could greatly impact how you feel all day long? Spoiler alert: It’s tea! Read More

I’d like to share a story about how my sister Anne, my children, and a soothing cup of fennel tea guided me towards embracing a more holistic and functional approach to health. Read More

Digestive health is vital for overall well-being, and when disrupted, it can turn life into a relentless struggle. I know this all too well, having battled undiagnosed SIBO/IBS and Leaky Gut for four long years. My journey to healing was a maze of information, dietary changes, and supplements. The turning point for me? A simple cup of digestive tea. Read More

“Where there’s tea, there is Hope”
– Wing Pinero

Our aim is not only to provide people with high-quality, beneficial teas but also to inspire and guide them in their quest for better health.

Anne & Julie, Founders of Tiny Lotus Tea

Tiny Lotus Tea