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Unwind. Digest. Sleep.

With our Wellness Collection.
Cheers to learning, growing, and healing together, one tiny step—and one cup of tea—at a time.
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Our Story

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As people who are constantly juggling work, relationships, and an endless list of responsibilities, we get it—staying "healthy" can feel like a full-time job. But what if we told you there's one small change you can make in your daily routine that could greatly impact how you feel all day long? Spoiler alert: It's tea!

What Our Customer's Are Saying About Digest

50,000+ Reviews

Marie Stevens
A huge blessing in my life!!!
I feel truly grateful to have this remarkable tea in my life! I have struggled with tummy troubles for many years, and since Digest tea has become part of my daily routine, I have gratifyingly experienced less bloating and improved digestion after meals! From its vibrant and deliciously earthy smell and taste to its unparalleled and powerfully healthy ingredients, I highly recommend Digest tea to everyone!!!
Margaret McNamara
The Most Flavorful Digestive Tea!
This digestive tea is a breath of fresh air! Unlike other bland options, it bursts with zesty and floral notes that truly awaken the senses. And when you add just a touch of honey, the flavors truly come alive! The blend of leaves in this tea aids digestion significantly, effectively reducing bloating. Unlike most digestive teas, this one is jammed back with flavor.
Theresa Robles
Must have!
I don’t have digestive problems but this tea definitely helps to alleviate the after meal bloat! I drink it after every heavy meal. Can’t go without it. Thank-you so much for creating such an amazing tea!
Drink this!!!
While I typically don’t have a ton of digestive problems, my hubs does. We have been enjoying this tea daily. I get more of a gurgly tummy after eating certain things. Maybe gurgling is a digestive thing? Anyhow, this tea takes it away like magic! It’s a very flavorful tea. The spices in it smell and taste amazing! Highly recommend this tea. I doubt you can find anything like this in the store. Almost even reminds me of potpourri!!

Digest is a special Ayurvedic formula in our Wellness collection, crafted to optimize your digestion. It's not just a tea; it's a comforting ritual for your everyday wellness.














Known for its calming effects, chamomile can improve sleep and reduce stress. It also helps in soothing the digestive system.

Lemon Peel

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, lemon peel boosts immunity and aids digestion while adding a refreshing citrus flavor.


Fennel is excellent for digestive health, helping to relieve bloating, gas, and cramps. It also offers a sweet, anise-like flavor.


A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, ginger aids in digestion, relieves nausea, and can soothe sore throats.


Mint is refreshing and soothing, known for its ability to aid digestion and relieve symptoms like indigestion and bloating.


This aromatic spice has natural diuretic properties, aids in digestion, and can help detoxify the body.


Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric supports digestion and overall health.

Star Anise

This spice has a licorice-like flavor and aids in digestion, also providing relief from cramps and bloating.

Black Pepper

Enhances the absorption of other ingredients, particularly turmeric, and adds a mild heat and complexity to the tea's flavor. It also stimulates digestion.

Digest is a special Ayurvedic formula in our Wellness collection, crafted to optimize your digestion. It's not just a tea; it's a comforting ritual for your everyday wellness.

Tiny Rituals



Transform Your Health, One Month at a Time. No Fuss, No Pressure – Just You and Tiny Rituals Leading to Big Results.

No stress or information overload here. We believe in the power of small, consistent changes that gradually become wellness habits. Each month, we introduce a tiny ritual and combine these habits to create a routine to lower your overall level of inflammation.
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The Challenge Begins:


Tiny Tips Challenge

Get the scoop on habits and tricks that health-savvy folks use to up their wellbeing game, one month at a time. The best part? No stress or info overload. Just you, taking back your health, one tiny tip at a time.
Simplify Your Health Journey with Us: 12 Months, 12 Habits, Countless Benefits.

Our Guarantee

At Tiny Lotus Tea, our commitment is simple yet profound: we always strive to do our best and aim to do even better the next time. This dedication to continuous improvement ensures that the quality of our tea and your satisfaction remain our top priorities. Trust us to consistently elevate our standards, making each cup a testament to our journey of perpetual growth and excellence.

Great customer service

Finding companies that genuinely care about their customers is hard these days. We are here for you. We truly care about your health.

Natural Ingredients

We use ingredients made from the earth. Protect yourself and those you love. We don’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives in our tea blends.

Partnership-Driven Sourcing:

Celebrating the Journey from Leaf to Cup

At Tiny Lotus Tea, our unique approach to sourcing tea is rooted in our strong partnership with esteemed tea producers in India. These partners are not just suppliers; they are the custodians of the land and its traditions. Journeying across India's diverse tea landscapes, they explore the lush northern highlands, the vibrant southern expanses, and the unique coastal and inland areas, sourcing the finest teas in harmony with nature.

Our role begins when these expertly sourced teas reach us. Here, the dedication of our partners shines through in the quality of the tea leaves. They select only the top 1% of tea leaves from the healthiest, most robust plants. This rigorous selection process, carried out by our partners, ensures that every cup of tea we offer is not just a beverage, but a celebration of quality, a testament to sustainability, and a tribute to the rich tapestry of Indian tea culture. This partnership allows us to honor the wild and natural world, bridging the journey from leaf to cup with respect and integrity.



A brew-tiful American tale about tea and freedom

As we gear up to celebrate the Fourth of July, it’s time to steep ourselves in a little history. What better way to do that than with a cup of tea in hand? After all, tea has a lot more to do with American freedom than you might think. So, let’s spill the tea on how our favorite beverage played a pivotal role in the birth of our nation.
New Science of Breathing for Healing

The New Science of Breathing for Healing By Jane Hogan The Wellness Engineer

Breathing is something we all do, punctuating life from our first breath to our last. Each day, the average person breathes 25,000 times, taking in about 30 pounds of air into the lungs. We don’t have to think about breathing, yet how we breath has a dramatic influence on all aspects of our health.
Perfectly Preserved-01

Perfectly Preserved: How to Store Your Loose Tea for Lasting Freshness

Hey there, tea enthusiasts! 🌿 Are you ready to steep yourself in the art of proper tea storage? Whether you’re a tea newbie or a seasoned sipper, ensuring your loose tea stays fresh and flavorful is key to a perfect cuppa every time. Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of tea storage, sprinkled with a dash of humor and a whole lot of love for those precious leaves.

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