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Let’s enjoy tea in more than one way. It’s not just for drinking!


Thyme to Heal: Gardening for Body and Soul

Gardening is a heartfelt tradition in our family, a special time to plan, prepare, and nurture life from the earth together. Each spring, we rally around to get the garden ready, a process that sparks creativity and cooperation. This year, it's been particularly rewarding to support my son Connor’s growing interest. He has his own little plot for a potato garden, where he's taken on the exciting roles of planting, watering, and managing it entirely by himself.

Pour Decisions: Choosing Loose Leaves Over Tea Dust

Choosing loose tea is more than a preference; it’s a choice that respects both the past and the future, ensuring that we nurture ourselves and our planet with every cup. So, next time you’re about to reach for a quick tea bag, remember that a little extra time with loose tea can mean a lot more flavor, health, and enjoyment.